Android co-founder’s new smartphone confirmed to run Android

The new smartphone from Andy Rubin, which will be the debut product of his new company Essential, will indeed run Android for its operating system. It looked that way from the tiny peek at the corner we got from Rubin’s tweet earlier this week, but now Google’s Eric Schmidt has confirmed it’ll be one of […]

Smartphone Tips & Tricks | How to Save Maximum Battery (Android)

This program is based on the useful smartphone tips and tricks There are some applications in your smartphone that you don’t know about but they keep on consuming a lot of battery life, because of why your Smartphone takes a lot of time to charge and also the battery consumes very fast. So this video […]

Android for beginners: Tips and tricks for your new smartphone

If you’re holding your shiny new Android smartphone and are wondering how to get the most from it, then you’ve come to the right place. Whether this is your first smartphone, you’ve just hopped over from an iPhone, or you’ve had a number of Android handsets, we’ve pulled together some of the best Android tips […]

Charging Your Smartphone… What Can Possibly Go Wrong?

Modern smartphones consume so much energy that charging them once a day is not always enough.When they are used intensively, the user sometimes has to look for a power source in the middle of the day, and charge their device whenever and wherever possible. At first glance, it seems absurd to worry about safety in […]

3 Tips to Unclutter Your Android Phone & Maximise Built-In Memory

There are four reasons why a smartphone (in general) might not run smoothly or in the way user would expect it to work: –          Smartphones with low built-in memory –          No microSD expansion slot support –          Devices with bloat-ware installed –          Users in low-signal areas, that causes the battery drain in search of signal/network Although users cannot do […]

The Best Way to Text From Your Computer on Android

You don’t switch away from your PC to your smartphone to reply to an email or an instant message, so why should a simple SMS message be any different? Thankfully, if you have an Android device, you can continue using your PC (and its full-size spacious keyboard) to read and send text messages. Our choice […]

Android Antivirus: 6 truths about smartphone malware

Android is a hot bed for malicious malware. This malware is so dangerous that it can destroy your phone, and even your life if you’re not careful. The worst part is it’s already happening to you right now! There is no place to hide! It’s everywhere! At least that’s what some people want you to believe. Android malware has been a […]

Shoot time-lapse videos with your phone

Time-lapse photography — when done right — can reveal the beautiful, imperceptible slow movements of an otherwise mundane scene. By speeding up time, a sunset plunges into the horizon, and the slow crawl of cars in traffic take on a look of blood pumping through asphalt arteries. Capturing scenes like this used to take a […]