This secret tweak will make your Android phone much faster

In the early days of the Android platform, smartphones like the G1 were painfully slow and clunky. Handsets struggled to open apps, freezes were expected, and crashes were regular occurrences. Fast forward to 2014, and Android is an entirely different story.Google’s code has enjoyed years of optimizations and processors and other components have improved dramatically. Even most low-end […]

8 tips on how to protect your Android touch screen

Noways, smartphones and tablets come with the toughest and most scratch-resistant touch screen panels, thanks to such materials like Corning Gorilla Glass. It takes a lot to break and damage them. This, on the other hand, is not impossible if you behave recklessly with your Android device. Here are some precautions to consider in using […]

How To: Deal With Your Smartphone’s Broken Keys With The Help Of Apps

Are those navigation buttons on your smartphone not working anymore after a nasty drop? Well, repairing the buttons is a definite solution. However, if you hate to spend money on gadgets (like me), or just too lazy to visit a service centre, we have some temporary home app remedies for you. The solutions vary depending on the […]

Android phone battery suffering? Here’s a simple fix

Android phones are good smartphones, but they occasionally suffer from the nasty “Sudden Battery Drain Syndome.” That’s the situation where the phone battery, with no different use by the owner, suddenly drains for no apparent reason. It turns out this is often caused by Google, and there’s a simple way to halt the drain. The […]

G Cloud Backup 4.0.3 for Android Released for Download

G Cloud Backup is the single app that enables you in one single step to transfer all phones content such us photos, music, videos, contacts, messages to a protected cloud; therefore, you don’t have to worry anymore that you can lose it, moreover it’s FREE up to 10 GB. If, by mistake, you lose or […]

Top Five File Managers For Android Smartphones And Tablets

Android users who have picked up Nexus or HTC handsets must be missing a file-manager. Well, you can make do without a file manager on a smartphone. In fact, many iPhone and Windows Phone users consider it as an unnecessary clutter. However, Android users choose functionality over aesthetics. Thankfully, Google’s Play Store is flooded with […]

How to Convert Your Android device Into a Security Camera

Smartphones can be really smart and capable, depending on how smartly a user can operate it. The advent of these devices have not only made our lives easier but also made our work approach much smarter. Let us look at a possible way of turning our smart device to a security system setup. This would require […]

How to solve four common problems with your new smartphone

For all their smarts, smartphones can be complicated animals. Or at least frustrating ones, especially if you run into some of the problems that tend to crop up among new smartphone owners. (Note that I’m referring to both new smartphone-owners and new-smartphone owners. Hyphenation matters, people!) Thankfully, most of these issues are easily resolved — […]