How to easily sync your iCloud calendar to Android

One app makes it simple to keep using your iCloud calendar on Android With all the awesome Android devices on the market today, it’s perfectly understandable if you’re ditching your old iPhone and coming to join us where things are more Google flavored. But, with leaving one ecosystem completely comes the problem of moving all your stuff with it. […]

Pushbullet Now Syncs All Your Notifications Across any Android Device

Android: One of the problems with using multiple Android devices like a phone and a tablet is that dismissing notifications on one device doesn’t clear them from another. Pushbullet’s latest update aims to fix this by syncing notifications across all devices. Pushbullet uses Android’s notification listening service (which means this feature only works on Android […]

Google Now Lets You Star And Sync Your Google Contacts To Your Android Favorites

An announcement from Google today lets us know about a wonderful new feature available for Google Contacts. You can now “star” people to your hearts content, and any one of those people or google contacts that you “star” will sync to your Android device’s “favorites” in the contact list. This feature has certainly been a […]

How to Sync iTunes Music With Your Android Phone

Most of us use our phones to listen to our library of music on the go. With the iPhone, your music library is synced to your iTunes account. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to sync your iTunes account to your Android phone directly unless you want to move individual files and folders onto your new device. Google’s […]

Learn how to sync your Android device with a Mac like a pro

Android devices and Macs just don’t get a long. This misconception may have been true back in Android’s infancy, but nowadays there’s a long list of methods, apps, and services that let you use your Android device with your Mac. It’s impossible to cover every app and service available. So here’s a complete guide to […]