Use NFC To Unlock Your Android Phone Just By Picking It Up

Near-Field Communication (NFC), is useful for lots of things, such as automatically unlocking your Android phone when you pick it up. You can wear your tag like a ring, or even paint it onto a thumbnail. Adafruit’s Becky Stern explains how in this video. We’ve shown you how to unlock your computer and automate rooms […]

Use Your Fingerprint to Unlock an Android Smartphone

Who needs Touch ID? Thanks to a new Android app, you can unlock your smartphone with a touch of your finger for free. ICE Unlock is a brand new Android app that uses your phone’s front-facing camera to scan a high-resolution image of your fingerprint. From there, you can use your fingerprint as verification to […]

How to unlock your Nexus 7 using Face Recognition

In Android 4.0, Google introduced facial recognition, which could be used to unlock your device. Android 4.1 Jelly Bean improves on the formula, with a “Liveness check” feature to make sure someone’s not trying to break in with your picture. To activate this, Settings> Security> Screen Lock> Go to Face Unlock. See Ful Story on […]