This App Is About To Make Your Android Phone A Lot Better

REUTERS/Rick Wilking Android enthusiasts will always argue that Google’s mobile operating system has one key advantage over Apple’s— its seemingly limitless customization options. By default, you can drag and drop app icons and widgets wherever you please, add extra home screens for quick access to your favorite apps, and switch out skins. But there’s only […]

10 Great Widgets to Try on Your Android Phone

One way Android remains unique from other popular mobile phone operating systems is its embrace of app widgets. Widgets on your home screen and lock screen can provide quick ways of viewing and accessing real-time information. Oh, and they can look pretty elegant, too. Here are 10 great news, weather, notes, and utility widgets for […]

The Best Android Widgets

As long as Android has been around, there have been widgets. It is one of the features that has separated Android from its competitors for all these years. There are widgets for everything too. News feed widgets, social networking widgets, calendar, weather, clock, battery, and pretty much everything else you can think of. See video […]

Best Widgets for your Android Phone this 2013

If you own an Android phone, your home screen doesn’t have to be a boring grid of apps. By adding some widgets, you can see all kinds of information and perform certain actions directly from the home screen. Car Widget is a scrollable list of extra-large icons, providing easier access to the apps, contacts and […]