Tech a rest: apps to help you get a good night’s sleep

image - Tech a rest: apps to help you get a good night’s sleep

Technology has a growing part to play in the science of sleep.

As technology rapidly progresses we know, with incredible detail, what happens when we close our eyes at night, but as society delves deeper into the cyber sphere we are finding it harder than ever to turn off with the lights.

From smartphones to iPads, laptops or a Sky box in the bedroom, there are a multitude of distractions that prevent us from embracing slumber.

But, as much as our gadgets and gizmos play a key role in killing a good rest, they can also hold the secret to sleep success.
Sleep apps 
There is an endless number of apps designed to improve and enhance sleep for the growing numbers who find themselves in difficulty.

Both the Google Play store and Apple’s iTunes Store have a range of apps that will track and record a detailed account of your sleep pattern to allow you to have a more in-depth understanding of how you rest. 
Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock, €.0.89 from iTunes
 : This highly rated app analyses sleep patterns and monitors movements during rest using a sensitive accelerometer.

The app breaks down a night into the various phases of sleep allowing you to differentiate between light and deep sleep, and also shows how long it takes you to drift off, which can help you to understand your pattern better.

The app also has an alarm function, which wakes you in your lightest sleep segment within a 90-minute period to help you wake at an optimum time and maximise the benefit of your sleep. 
Sleepbot, free on Google Play:
 For android smartphones, this is a great tool for tracking sleep with a vast array of uses. Like the Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock, it tracks your sleep and monitors your night movements as well as recording any sounds, addressing issues such as sleep talkers and snoring.

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