Telegram – A safer alternative to WhatsApp

teaser telegram - Telegram - A safer alternative to WhatsAppTelegram is one messenger among many, however, this app has some important advantages over the others, advantages that set it apart from the very things for which WhatsApp and Co. are always criticized. That’s right, Telegram is set apart by its secure transmission of messages and files and the ability to use the app on multiple devices. To see how the app performs in practice, you’ll discover in today’s review.

Features & Use

Telegram works very similarly to many other messengers. After starting the app, you must first verify your mobile number. You will then receive a code via SMS. This is either automatically confirmed or you must enter it by hand. Then you’ll instantly be able to see which other contacts in your phone book have already installed the app via the Telegram contact list.

One thing is clear immediately: Telegram, by design, is very much reminiscent of WhatsApp. Anyone who has the popular WhatsApp messenger on their phone already will not have any trouble finding their way around Telegram. Profile information of your chat partner can be accessed with a quick tap on the small profile picture at the top right. You will also find their last-seen status, phone number, and you can set a custom notification ringtone for each contact. Previously exchanged media such as videos, photos and location data can be found under “Shared Media”.

What makes Telegram so special is the end-to-end encryption of messages that you can set as an option in the profile of the chat partner. “Start Secret Chat” will open your chat in a new chat window with end-to-end encryption. This means that encryption is used on all transmission stations for your chats. Your data is encrypted on the server side and again until unraveled at the receiver’s end. No data is stored on the Telegram servers. You’d have to read the source code of the app to know exactly how secure this is, but Telegram is claiming any Secret Chat will be 200% secure, which certainly sounds confident.

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