The best practice to keep thieves from stealing your phone

make your phone safe - The best practice to keep thieves from stealing your phone

Phones are prime targets for thieves, or for opportunists who get lucky and find a device its owner has unwittingly left behind. The small, portable nature of a phone makes it easy to conceal, unlike larger electronics like a laptop or stereo equipment. If someone can unlock your device, there may be a wealth of information to exploit you before selling your phone. If not, handsets can be stripped for valuable parts used to refurbish other phones, then sold for hundreds of dollars in profit.

So ask yourself: is your phone really as safe and secure as it could be? We’ve collected this practical checklist to keep your phone from straying, plus some specific products and tools that can help keep your phone in your orbit. As always, we’ll tell you what to do if your Android or iPhone does go missing. Good luck, and stay alert.

First things first

  • If you don’t have a fingerprint, face scan or passcode set up, do that immediately.
  • Make sure Android Find my Device or Find my iPhone is on.
  • Set up backups on your iPhone or Android phone so if your phone goes missing you won’t lose your data.


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