Tips and Tricks on How to Play DAT Video File in Android Device

DAT is a file extension that’s mostly found on video CD. It is usually used to store MPEG-1 encoded video on VCD. This kind of video file is file format that are not playable in the default Android video player.

But don’t worry, there are ways to make it playable. In this article, I’ll show you how to play DAT video file on your Android device.

To be able to play DAT video file in your android device, you should need the help of third-party video player app. In this case, I suggest you to use MX player.

MX player is one of the most popular video players that can play almost every video format. It also play all resolutions that supported by your device.

If you don’t have one, you can download it for free at Google play store.

Once installed, open the DAT video file with your file manager and the video should be loaded and played by the MX player.

open video with mx player - Tips and Tricks on How to Play DAT Video File in Android Device

However, you’re unable to load DAT video file on ‘My files’ or ‘Gallery’ app, as well as ‘MX player’. To be able to open DAT video file directly from your Gallery app or MX player, you should rename the file extension from .DAT to.MPG. For example, filename.dat change to filename.mpg.

If you don’t know how to rename file extension on android, you can read this article – How to Change File Extension on Android Device.

Once you’re done, the video will appear on your MX player list and you can now play the video file on your Android device.

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