Tips for Android Q’s Fully Gestural Navigation

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Google introduced a new set of gestures in Android Q, and they’re pretty cool. Those who had a negative opinion of Google’s previous “pill” system have already given the company credit for this new system, but it’s not quite perfect. Here are a couple of quick tips for Android Q’s Fully Gestural Navigation.

How to access Google Assistant

One of the things we quickly noticed with this new navigation method is that, unless your device has an alternative method, there’s no way to access Google Assistant. Pixels, of course, can still use Active Edge, and turning on the “Hey Google” command can get around this too. However, a long-press of the home button is simply no longer an option with these gestures.

Luckily, there’s a workaround. When Fully Gestural Navigation is enabled in Android Q, swiping up goes home. However, if you swipe up at an angle, around 45-degrees, Google Assistant will open up. It’s slightly tricky to get this working, but once you’ve got the action down it feels pretty natural.

Still, if this is the navigation method Google is going to use going forward, I’d like to see the Google Assistant button or Active Edge-style features be a lot more prevalent.

By Ben Schoon

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