Tips for keeping your kids safe on their Android devices

dims - Tips for keeping your kids safe on their Android devices

For kids, apps are how they use the phone, and App Control gives parents the confidence of knowing that their kids are using only the apps they should, whether they’re in front of the TV, on the bus or in their bedrooms.

App Control is part of the Family Rules feature that and is now available for Android devices in our SuperSafe internet security product. These tools allow you to set healthy boundaries that provide for your children’s well-being while allowing them to enjoy the good stuff online as well.

In other words, it helps you parent your kids online in the same way you do in the real world.

The Family Rules setup wizard guides you through setting up App Control on your child’s Android. You can decide how you want SuperSafe to treat new apps and choose if you want to set limits on apps that they have already installed.

“Allowed” applications have no restrictions, “Blocked” applications are never allowed to be accessed and “Time-Limited” applications are restricted within the total time limits you assign with your child.
The goal of Family Rules is to include the child in the process of setting limits so they understand how those limits expand with time and good behavior.

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