Tips to shoot the best video using Android

android film taping concert - Tips to shoot the best video using Android

Whether you’re looking to amuse your friends on YouTube or you’re dreaming about dressing up for the Oscars one day, you can take steps to improve your Android film-making skills.

Know what your Android phone can do

Android phones are all over the map. There are budget options all the way up to powerhouse flagships. There’s a reason “The Tonight Show” used a Samsung Galaxy S10+, a $1,000 phone with top-of-the-line cameras capable of telephoto and wide-angle shots. If you get serious about making films using Android, you might want to look into a high-end phone with the latest tech. But whatever you have in your pocket right now is still the best place to start.

Try a new Android camera app

The built-in Android camera app is ready to go to shoot video. Just tap on the film-camera icon to switch into video mode. This is a quick and easy way to shoot clips, but a dedicated app can put more powerful features at your fingertips.

The free Open Camera app is a good place to start. It places a lot of settings within easy reach, including focus, video resolution, bit rate, white balance and exposure compensation. You can dial in changes to get the best-looking video. The auto-stabilization feature is also worth a try. If you’re new to these sort of settings, take a few moments to play around with them and see how they impact your video.

By Amanda Kooser

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