Tips to solve your smartphone’s insufficient storage problem

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IS your Android phone also suffering from insufficient storage error? If yes, don’t worry. You are not the only one; a lot of low budget Smartphones suffers the same fate. But the good news is that you can stop such problems with this procedure.

*Clear App Cache to free up space Cache is probably one of the main causes of the insufficient storage available error that bedevils Android users. Usually, any Android app uses three sets of storage which includes app itself, app’s data files and the app’s cache.

So if the cache turns large in size, a huge part of the space will be occupied. To have some space, go to setting and from Applications manager option, identify the irrelevant downloaded apps with much space and delete.

*Transfer Photos/Videos from Android to Computer Move some large files including photos, videos, audios, and others to your computer to create some space. To do this, you need a piece of third-party data transfer tool such as MiniTool Mobile Recovery to do so.

*Save Pictures & Videos to external SD Card instead of internal memory In addition to moving pictures and videos to a computer, you fix the problem by saving your pictures or videos to an SD card. After that, change the default storage for the pictures and videos firstly remove them to the SD card.

By Juliet Umeh

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