How to Save as PDF in Microsoft Word for Android

How to Save as PDF on Word for Android - How to Save as PDF in Microsoft Word for Android

Saving a document as PDF on Word for Android is a pretty straightforward process, provided you know where to look. It’s quite natural to look for the setting in the Save as an option, but you won’t find it there. Just follow these steps and you’ll be able to save as PDF in no time.

Step 1: Tap on the three-dot menu in the top-right corner of the app and then click on print.

Step 2: The Save as PDF option will show up in the top-left corner if you don’t have a printer connected to your phone. If you do, just tap on the connected printer and choose Save as PDF from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Once you’ve selected the Save as PDF option, tap on the circular Save button.

Step 4: In the following screen, give your file a name, select the location where you want to save it, and then tap on Save.


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How to free up space on your phone with Google Photos’ unlimited backup service

GooglePhotos 796x418 - How to free up space on your phone with Google Photos’ unlimited backup service

Keep in mind that Google Photos only offers you unlimited storage for optimized photos – resized photos from the original quality – without too much quality loss. The app also offers unlimited back up for your videos, in a slightly compressed form.

It only takes a minute to set up, and it’s free to use across all your devices. All you need is a Google account; here’s how to get started.


Install Google Photos for Android and sign in with your Google account.

To back up:

  • Open the Google Photos app, and go to Settings.
  • Go to Back up and Sync, and turn the toggle on to start backing up photos from your camera roll as shown below.
  • To back up folder other than the camera folder, click on Back up device folders and select the folders to start the sync. 

Free up device storage

  • Open the Google Photos app on your Android phone.
  • Tap on Free up device space from the side menu, and then tap on Free up button to remove those photos from your device. The deleted photos will still be present in Google Photos.


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AI-Powered Scanning To Be Introduced In Excel’s Android App

sheet microsoft excel - AI-Powered Scanning To Be Introduced In Excel's Android App

A new Excel feature may not be so exciting for the commoner. But, this new upcoming feature will without a doubt be ground-breaking for people who have to tirelessly draft up spreadsheets daily, going through each cell and entering the designated data.

AI-Powered Scanning

On Friday, Microsoft announced a new feature for the Excel Android App. The new feature will allow Excel users to convert a picture of data on a printed sheet to an editable table in the app. Microsoft is allegedly using artificial intelligence to implement this feature.

Microsoft has also given us a video demonstration as we can see in the tweet above.

The feature is currently only available to Microsoft 365 users on Android. However, the feature will soon roll out to iOS users as well. You can read more about the feature on Microsoft’s website.

Back in September 2018, Microsoft also announced another “AI-powered insights service” called Ideas. This feature was being built to help users identify patterns in their data-set in Excel and to suggest users tips and ideas when creating documents in Office apps. Microsoft has not given us an update on the feature yet but hopefully, it will be implemented soon as Microsoft promised.

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Double SMS Messages on Android Auto? Here’s how to fix it

android auto cover - Double SMS Messages on Android Auto? Here’s how to fix it

You see, Android Auto is obviously designed to be mainly used with Google’s own product lineup of software. It has Google Maps, Messages, and Play Music tightly integrated into the system. It wants you to be using first party solutions from Google for the most seamless interaction — and rightfully so. This is a Google solution to automotive entertainment.

What’s the Problem?

Unfortunately, all of this synergy sometimes leads to issues. If you are like me, you enjoy trying different apps than the default offerings by Google.

My SMS/Messages app is Pulse for instance. I love Pulse. I get that it doesn’t have the new RCS features of Android Messages, but you know what, most of my family is using iOS so it’s a moot point. Pulse allows me to text my loved ones regardless of the device as well: desktop, phone, and my bedside tablet.

How to fix the Issue

As you may have surmised by the title of this post, I was getting double the notifications in my car on Android Auto. A little checking around and playing with my phone and I found there’s a quick and easy fix:

  • Find the Settings App in your app drawer
  • Go to Apps & Notifications
  • Click Advanced at the bottom
  • Select App permissions
  • Tap SMS
  • Toggle the Android Auto option to OFF

By Andrew Allen

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Fix a buggy app, free up storage and more on your Android phone

article android malware tricks user to log into paypal 970X546 - Fix a buggy app, free up storage and more on your Android phone

We all want to love our smartphones all the time, but our phones don’t always cooperate. Little annoyances can crop up when navigating your Android device, but you don’t have to let them get to you. Instead, fix them.

Don’t let a misbehaving app or a cluttered home screen get you down. There are some easy solutions for these problems and other common Android annoyances. It’s all about knowing where to find the right settings to tweak and how to access some shortcuts.

Keep in mind that Android operating systems can vary quite a bit, so you may need to hunt around to find the right settings.

Fix a buggy app

A crashing app can put a damper on your day, but there are some steps you can take to try to put it back in line. The first possible fix is to just restart your phone. That may clear out a temporary hangup. Also check that your Android operating system and the app itself are up to date.

For the Android operating system, open Settings, tap on System, and then on System Updates to see if a new download is available. To check on the app, open Play Store, tap on the three bars in the corner, and choose “My apps & games.” If you see the app with an Update button, then go ahead and tap on the button.

If you want to completely shut down a misbehaving app, head into Settings, tap on Apps & Notifications and tap on the name of the app. The Force Stop button will shut it down. You can also choose to uninstall the app from here, and then download it again from the Play Store to see if a fresh installation fixes the problem.

By Amanda Kooser

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Essential Tips You Should Follow For Smartphone Internet Safety

Privacy Cyber Security 1024x576 - Essential Tips You Should Follow For Smartphone Internet Safety

We live in an age where we probably spend a significant chunk of our day looking at our smartphones. It can’t be helped, they are just useful, entertaining, and have become a part of our lives.

The problem is, most people do not know how to be careful when it comes to smartphone internet safety. That can be dangerous especially when you use your smartphones for financial transactions. Hence, here are some smartphone internet safety tips that you will need to keep in mind when using your smartphones for pretty much anything.

Download an antivirus

A basic rule of thumb for any digital device user: if it has an antivirus application, then download and use that. There are plenty of free antivirus apps, and while not all of them are perfect or bulletproof, they can protect you from the most common digital security threats against your phone.

Careful with those apps

Smartphone users love to download and use apps and hackers know this That is why a lot of illegal and non-Google Play store apps have malwares, spywares, or adwares attached to them, basically viruses with different functions and harmful effects. So be careful with your apps and always read the reviews before downloading. It is also advised to not download and install anything outside the Google Play store unless you know what you are doing.

By yackulic

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Scan documents with your Android gadget

scan documents - Scan documents with your Android gadget

The start of the new year brings lots to look forward to, but it also signals the start of a necessary financial task: taxes. For 2019, resolve to make it easier on yourself by learning how to use your Android phone or tablet as a document scanner.

You’ve got a stack of receipts and other tax-related documents piling up, but it’s a breeze to digitize them when you harness the right app. You don’t need a standalone scanner that’s plugged into a computer. Your camera-equipped Android device already has all the right stuff to help you out.

While document scanning with Android can be critical as you prepare your tax files, keep it in mind for other times of the year. You can use to scan school assignments or letters, share business papers, or back up important personal documents. All you need is the right app.

Scan with Google Drive

Google Drive users have a fast option for scanning documents. Open your Google Drive app on your phone and tap on the plus sign in the circle at the bottom. Tap on the Scan icon that looks like a camera. Point the camera at the document and tap on the round button to take a picture.

You can now refine your scan. Tap on the crop icon near the top and adjust the corners if necessary. The checkmark saves your changes. The paint palette icon lets you put the document into black and white if needed, or you can select a color option. The three dots in the corner let you rename the document or rotate it. Touch the check mark at the bottom to save it to Drive for easy access or sharing.

While this is a quick way to add documents to Drive, there are also some apps that give you more powerful scanning features. Check out two of our recommendations.

By Amanda Kooser

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The 10 best apps for your new Android phone

android phone apps - The 10 best apps for your new Android phone

You’ve just unwrapped a new Android phone, logged in, typed in a hundred passwords, downloaded all the big social apps, and synced all the things that need syncing. Now it’s time to fill your phone up with everything else: the apps for reading, for getting things done, and for having fun. You probably have some ideas of your own, but we’ve got a bunch of suggestions, too. Here are 10 great Android apps that are definitely worth installing.


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