Top 5 2013 Apps to Help Extend Battery Life of Android Devices

Top 5 Apps to Help Extend Battery Life for Android Devices in 2013

Since most smartphones are affected by battery life, users install various apps which claim to extend the power supply on their devices. It is important for a user to make optimum utilization of their batteries so that they can use their devices without having to plug-in for power at short intervals.

We bring you the top 5 applications for Android devices that will ensure the maximum utilization of the device’s battery:

1. Go Battery Saver & Power Widget – This is one of the top apps that will extend the life of your battery, with several power saving modes. The app shows the user the time remaining before the device switches off. It also has a widget with personalized UI design that will enhance the performance of the battery. The app also displays the amount of battery that can be saved if the user turns off Bluetooth, WiFi etc. In order to keep the process of charging “safe and healthy” the app has Charging Maintenance that will help in the overall extension of the battery life while charging. Download the app here.

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