Top 5 photo and video gallery replacement apps for Android

There’s still another piece to that puzzle: apps for viewing your artistic creations. Sure, you could use the built-in gallery app on your phone, but there are plenty of excellent alternatives in the Play Store that give you more flexibility over organizing and viewing your pictures. In this guide, we’re going to go over the top ones. Hit the break to get started.

QuickPic is an excellent photo viewing application in the Play Store that’s been around for several years. It has a nearly perfect 4.7 star rating from 166,000 users, which is impressive however you slice it. It’s a very simple gallery replacement that focuses on speed and stability, but throws in a handful of extra features to stay competitive with other apps available.

The developer focuses on crystal clear photo viewing, as well as wide device compatibility. It uses a custom decoder for viewing pictures, which boasts better quality viewing of your photos compared to other apps, and thanks to how lightweight and efficient the app is, it can easily browse even the largest photo collections without slowing down. It also supports just about all major photo file types (excluding TIFF files) and most standard video files, as well as GIFs. Navigating those pictures is buttery smooth and has most functions than a stock browser would have, such as double-tapping to zoom and pinch to zoom, and it even comes with some basic photo editing tools, like cropping, rotating, and setting wallpapers.

The interface of QuickPic is just as great as its feature set. There are several options for viewing your photos, including the standard gallery view, a grid view, a list view, and a file explorer for finding specific files. It can also be set up to include only certain folders and exclude others, as well ashiding and password protecting other photos. Throw in a fully optimized tablet interface and you’ve got a very well-rounded, easy-to-use gallery app.

QuickPic is free and works on any Android device running Android 2.0 and up, so everyone should be able to at least give the app a spin to see if it works for them.

Fish Bowl is probably the most feature-rich gallery app you’ll find on this list. It has all of your standard photo viewing features, such as different ways to view pictures and albums and the ability to move and organize your galleries, but it goes above and beyond in the organization category. Fish Bowl allows you to set several albums as “favorites” that pin to the top of the application, giving you easy access to them regardless of where they are in your gallery list or on your phone. If you have lots of work pictures that you regularly need to pull up to show others, you could pin that album to the top of your galleries to cut down on the time it takes to look for what you need. The app also allows you to set different pictures as the cover photo of all of your albums, which is a nice touch for customization.

Fish Bowl also makes sharing photos very easy with it’s optional Photo Guard app.  It offers a built-in one step resize and share option, which basically crops and compresses your pictures and sends them to another application in one click. It’s designed to make sending a picture via MMS or email much quicker, and keeps you from running into MMS message limits or waiting around while a 13 megapixel photo uploads to an email. You can also add notes to individual photos or even entire albums, similar to some of the gallery features Samsung has implemented into their TouchWiz gallery recently. The notes won’t share to other apps or through MMS or anything, but for organizational purposes, it’s a pretty handy feature. There are also options for hiding photos and albums as well as a deletion guard to prevent you from accidentally trashing any pictures.

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