Top Ten Security Tips for Your Android Device

FMx67qkc - Top Ten Security Tips for Your Android Device3. Secure your network

Securing your network is the first and foremost thing that you should do to protect your Android device. Avoid using public Wi-Fi connection whenever you wish to access internet or do online banking. As long as you are sharing the network with the public, hackers can easily sniff out your packets and trace your password. Protect your information by using apps like Hideninja VPN so that it’s not easy to sabotage your information. If you feel that your device is being hacked, Wi-Fi protector can ward off these hackers. SecDroid can also help you out to enhance your network security. Always remember to turn off your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when they are not in use.

fPI5OlWs - Top Ten Security Tips for Your Android Device4. Install a lock App

If your Android device contain any personal data that you wish no one should access, then it is sensible to use a lock app on it. Lots of apps are available on play store which offers extra protection to your personal data. Cerberus and Avast Mobile Security are best among them. These apps ask your password or PIN number which you need to be entered to access the protected information. If your Android device is stolen or lost, no one will have an access to your protected data.



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