View all photos now with your Dropbox App

Dropbox was one of the applications that my Galaxy Note II phone shipped with by default. It was installed by default and all I had to do was sign in to my Dropbox account to start using it. I have to admit that I’m not really using it for much on the Android phone. I do have configured it to automatically add screenshots that I take to my online storage so that I can access them on other devices right away which helps me a lot when I’m writing about a new feature or reviewing an Android app.

Dropbox 1.3.5 for Android has just been released and it brings along several new features. If you use it to store photos you may notice that you can now view all of your photos stored in your account right from the Android app.

Just switch from the folder view to the photo viewer at the top. Here you should see your photos sorted by date. You can also switch between a photo or album view, and tap to interact with the photos displayed here.

dropbox android photo viewer 371x660 - View all photos now with your Dropbox App

Dropbox app for Android updated: view all photos now [via]

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