Solo Weather For Android Shows You Just The Right Amount Of Info In A Minimal Interface

   Solo Weather looks pretty slick; it’s not very customizable or feature-packed, but you would hardly care about such attributes after seeing how it presents the weather information. It lets you know about all the generic forecast details including temperature, wind speed and pressure, humidity, sunset and sunrise time and more. The informative homescreen of […]

1Weather is a clear and cool app for Android

1Weather is one of the best weather apps out for Android. Its clean layout and easy-to-access information have won it a lot of fans. The app has a seven-day forecast and lets users bookmark multiple cities. It also has animated radar, lunar charts and the ability to share weather conditions through e-mail, text, Twitter and […]

Timely is the best-looking alarm clock you can get on Android

Alarm clock apps are nearly as common and as popular as weather apps, and while many people might argue that the phone’s built-in alarm clock works just fine, there are a number of well-designed options for those looking for a little more. Timely offers a crisp, typography-focused design and fun, gesture-based interface. Like Rise, you […]

Google Maps is looking out for your safety with public alerts

Google started adding public alerts to Google Maps in January of 2012, but most of us have never seen them. Besides severe weather alerts from the US National Weather service, maps also has the ability to give safety warnings from the following: US Geological Survey (USGS) West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center AMBER alerts […]

10 Beautiful Weather Apps

Wherever you go in the world, there is one hugely variable constant – the weather. Given the significant impact that it can have on our daily lives, it is hardly surprising that most of us like to keep abreast of the latest forecast. With this in mind, here’s the roundup of beautiful weather apps – […]

Eyewitness apps bring more news than ever to your Android Phone

Eyewitness News has a new way for you to get more news than ever before in the palm of your hand! Keep on top of breaking news, AccuWeather and traffic, and watch Eyewitness News LIVE on the go with this new News app for your iPhone or Android. The latest AccuWeather forecast is just a […]

WeatherBug App for Android Smartphones Reports Nearest Lightning Strike

New Spark Lightning Strike Feature Makes WeatherBug the First and Only Android App to Show How Far Lightning is to Your and Your Loved Ones’ Location. WeatherBug’s new Spark feature detects both lightning that hits the ground and the majority of lightning in the clouds that you may not even be able to see — […]

An app that lets you alert of every kind of weather you want has a new app that could be pretty useful for those times you’re out on the playground or running around the neighborhood and a dark cloud looms. With the WRAL Weather Alert app, Greg Fishel alerts you of every kind of weather you can imagine. You choose which ones you want. It also has […]