What to do if your Android phone is stolen or lost

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In the unfortunate event, something happens where you cannot find your phone, follow the below steps as soon as possible.

How to find your phone

Android smartphones come built-in with a feature called Find My Phone, which can be used for tracking the location of your phone and ring it from a remote location by using your Google account. This is a default feature on most modern Android smartphones, so you need not download or install any additional app to make use of this feature.

Keep in mind that this feature will accurately work only if your Android device is connected to a WiFi or a mobile network and your location settings are set to high accuracy. However, you might at least get an approximate location of your Android phone even if the location settings are turned off or are set to phone only or battery saving modes.

To use this feature either search for ‘Find my phone’ on Google or go to the website and then log in with the same Google account that you have used on your lost or stolen Android device. You can also download the Find My Device Android app from here.

Once you have logged in to the Google account, the Find My Device feature will almost instantly pinpoint the location of your Android device and allow you to track it on Google Maps.

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