What to do if your Android phone isn’t charging

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How to get your phone charging again

  • Make sure there’s no obvious fraying or issue with your cable, charger or power source. The first thing to try is a different power cable. If that’s a no-go, try a new charger with it. Finally, you might want to try a different power source entirely. Your best bet is to try out a different wall socket that you know correctly powers something else.
  • Check your phone’s charging port. Take a look at the port on your phone where you plug in the cable. Is there any debris stuck in there? Is the cable fully inserted? Without pushing anything inside the port, be sure to check it out and ensure it is both clean and the cable is inserted properly.
  • Restart your phone. You can turn your phone all the way off and on, or just do a quick reset of your device. Sometimes Android OS can be preventing your phone from charging properly. Either way, it’s a quick and simple fix.
  • Check your phone case to ensure it’s not blocking the charging port. If you’re using a particularly rugged phone case, it could be keeping your charging cable from actually reaching the charge contacts in your port. If this is the case, take off the protective shell and try to charge your phone again. If no dice, the case isn’t the problem.
  • Get a new phone. This should be a last resort, but if you’re unwilling to seek out tech support and none of the other fixes have helped, your phone may be ready for retirement. This can happen from time-to-time. If nothing else works, it could be time to kiss your phone goodbye.

By Brittany Vincent

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