WhatsRemote Brings WhatsApp to Your Computer

Whatsremote1 - WhatsRemote Brings WhatsApp to Your Computer Enter WhatsRemote, an app that recently came under my radar thanks to Aatif Sumar. It essentially promises to let you continue your WhatsApp conversations from your computer’s browser. Does it work, and what are its caveats? Let’s take a look.

Before you get started, you need to know 2 things: WhatsRemote only offers 3 days of free trial, after which it costs $1 every 6 months. Also, it will only work on rooted devices. If you don’t mind both of these restrictions, you can move forward with the setup.

After you install WhatsRemote on your phone, it will ask for root access then require you to login with your Google account. This is used as an identification method between your phone and browser, instead of requiring separate usernames and password. WhatsRemote then starts working its magic in the background, and you can change some of its settings. For example, you can set it to disable notifications on your phone so you don’t get nagged constantly while on the desktop, and automatically mark all the messages as read on your phone after the service is stopped.

On your computer browser — preferably Firefox or Chrome — you need to head to whatsremote.com and sign in with your Google account. Once that is done, you will be treated to a chat-like interface with your conversation list on the left and the messages on the right.

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