Why Does My Android Phone or Tablet Not Turn On?

Your Android phone or tablet has very few buttons. The only way you can turn it on is by pressing the power button — and that isn’t working. Don’t panic! Android devices may sometimes refuse to power on or wake from sleep when you press the power button, but your phone or tablet probably isn’t broken. There are some easy ways to make your device boot again.

Long-Press the Power Button or Remove the Battery

It’s possible for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other electronic devices to become seemingly stuck in power-off mode. In such a state, the power button won’t work at all — that’s because the device is basically frozen. Historically, the solution has been to remove the device’s battery, wait a few seconds, then reinsert the battery and press the power button again. This removes all power to the device and is known as a “power cycle.” If your device has a removable battery, try this — it may fix your problem.

Of course, your device probably don’t have a removable battery. Luckily, there’s a way to effectively perform a power cycle anyway. Just hold down the device’s power button for ten seconds. If this doesn’t work, you may want to press the power button  for a bit longer. Ten seconds should be suitable for most devices, but some people have reported needing to hold the power button down for 30 or more seconds.

Your Android device should now boot properly. If not, read on.

remove battery when device wont boot - Why Does My Android Phone or Tablet Not Turn On?

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