Word up: 16 apps to help you read on the move

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From books and magazines, to op-eds and reviews, if the digital onslaught has been responsible for anything, it’s been for delivering a myriad of content. Oftentimes, way too much content, in fact.

But where problems lie, solutions normally follow, so here’s a quick snapshot of some of the best apps out there to help you get lost in a world of words.


There’s just no getting away from it, Pocket is one of the best apps out there for bookmarking all those articles you never quite get around to reading.

Unlike Flipboard, Pocket is all about those articles that you personally want to read – so it’s not automated or curated by any third-party. You can start reading an article in your browser on your laptop, suddenly realize it’s way longer than you anticipated and you have a bus to catch, hit the little Pocket bookmarklet, and it’s saved to your account where you can read it in full later from your mobile device.

Alternatively, you can save articles you’re reading directly from your mobile device. On Android, the common browsers will let you share directly to Pocket, while on iOS you can install a little bookmarklet for Safari that lets you save any article, while a slew of third-party apps including Zite, Flipboard and Reeder let you share directly too.

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